The Top 5 Ways To Ace A Job Interview

The job market can sometimes be difficult. Most people end up sending out lots of application letters and resumes before finally being called to attend an interview. When you finally do get the opportunity to attend one you need to be as prepared as possible in order to maximize your chances of getting the job. Following are some tips on how you can ace a job interview.

Don’t be too abstract

Some people like to give abstract answers to questions. It’s best to avoid this as it doesn’t give the interviewer a clear picture of your capabilities. You should give concrete examples of things. For example, of your asked about your strengths you should give clear examples and you say you’re a leader, you should back that claim up by giving how you led in real life.

Appearances and timing matter

Job Interview - Fishguardtaxis.comAppearances are of utmost importance. You might fail an interview even before you open your mouth to talk because of poor physical appearance. If you’re called to interview for a position in a corporate office you should dress the part. Don’t wear a cocktail dress because it’s not appropriate for the occasion. Make sure that your hair is combed you, your shoes are clean, you smell good. Aside from this you should make sure that you’re on time, if given the chance ask for a time in the morning as research shows that interviews generally go better when they’re in the morning. Be professional in your mannerisms also. Don’t explain things as if you’re in a bar; be courteous and dignified.

Avoid nonsensical answers

You may get asked a question to which you don’t know the answer or haven’t considered. It’s best to avoid telling lies and fumbling through it because it may hurt your chances badly especially of the interviewer knows you’re lying. It’s best to give a response such as “I’d like to think it through before responding. May I come back to that question a bit later?” If you’re still clueless you can say you’re not sure but still proceed to give an explanation on your understanding of the topic at hand.

Be confident

One of the reasons for being interviewed is so that you can give the recruiter the confidence that you’ll be able to do the job for which you’ve applied. If you exude confidence the recruiter will turn feel more confident about you and your abilities. If you’re unsure of yourself how can you expect other to be confident in you? Don’t be cocky though as that can have the opposite effect.

Follow up

You should follow up with the interviewer a day or two after the interview. You can send a thank you note/email and even give a call just to thank the interviewer for the opportunity. Make sure you say your name clearly and refer back to specific things you discussed in the interview so as to remind them of who you are. Having your name fresh in their mind can influence the interviewer to pick you for the position. Use the note/call to sell yourself further. It also makes the interviewer feel appreciated; who doesn’t like that?